Urola in Basque

Urola, the lifeblood of the Basque language

Have you ever felt that you don’t get many chances to use the Basque language in your day-to-day life? If so, Urola offers a unique opportunity.

The municipalities of the Urola valley are the lifeblood of Basque. You can put our language to use in a broad range of activities: concerts, theatre, guided tours, food tasting experiences and festivals, as well as many more.

Traditions and festivals

Enjoy them, live them

There are many festivals throughout the year in the Urola Valley:
main festivals, traditional fairs and pilgrimages.

jai nagusiak irudia - urolaturismoa

Main festivals

  • SAN SEBASTIAN:19-20 January, Azpeitia
  • SANTA KUTZ:2-3 May, Zestoa
  • SAN INAZIO:30 July – 2 August, Azpeitia
  • ANDRA MARI:14-18 August, Azkotia
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Traditional fairs

  • EAST OF ST JAMES:25 July, Azpeitia
  • FEAST OF ST ANDREW:30 November, Azkoitia
  • ERREZIL APPLE FAIR:First weekend of December, Errezil
  • FEAST OF ST THOMAS:21 December, Azpeitia
  • FEAST OF SORO PERI:26 December, Zestoa
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  • HERNIO PILGRIMAGES:Sundays in September, in the meadows of Zelatun

Sports activities

To watch and take part

You’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in a Basque-speaking environment at the weekend. Come and take part in the district’s most important sports events.

kobaz koba kirol probaren irudia - urolaturismoa

Kobaz-koba Trail (Zestoa)

This event consists of two races: Artzei (15 km) and Zaldei (26 km). The full route forms a figure of eight, with the town of Zestoa at the centre. Many archaeological remains and some spectacular wall paintings have been found in the area around Zestoa, dating back to early humans who inhabited several caves here in the late Palaeolithic period. The route of this race weaves through them, following paths that our early ancestors may once have trod.

maratoia azkoitia-azpetia - urolaturismoa

Azkoitia-Azpeitia international half marathon

The Azkoitia-Azpeitia half marathon was created in 1994 by athlete Diego García, with the aim of bringing together elite runners, amateurs and the general public. It is one of the best events in Europe because high-level athletes take part, and it is internationally recognised.

Produce from the land

The perfect taste of the Basque Country

You can interact in Basque with local shops, local producers and the stallholders at the markets.

tokikoak irudia urolaturismoa
elikagaiak irudia urolaturismoa

Local products

The chance to buy local products at local shops and markets.

merkataritza irudia - urolatismoa


The Urola Valley offers unbeatable opportunities to go shopping in Basque at all the local shops.

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Tuesdays and Fridays


Socialising over good food in Basque

You will have the chance to taste the local delicacies, pintxopote and txotx, all in Basque.



Food is a very important part of Basque culture. Basque speakers have a strong tradition of celebrating around the dinner table, so great importance is given to the produce.


This tradition started just a few years ago in Basque culture, and it is already part of our identity. These social gatherings on Thursdays and Fridays are an essential experience if you want to practice your Basque language.


This is another really significant event that forms part of our cuisine: the TXOTX season. From February to April, you can taste the local cider with friends, immersed in our language and our folklore.

Local cultural calendar

Azpeitia kultur agenda

Cultural events in Azpeitia


Azkoitia kultur agenda

Cultural events in Azkoitia


Zestoa kultur agenda

Cultural events in Zestoa