Bisita gidatua Azpeitian irudia - urolaturismoa
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Discover our heritage with local guides

Pairing nature with cuisine

Come and discover the valley’s most iconic architecture, natural resources and culinary wealth, with the help of our guides.

The tours are planned so you can explore the Azkoitia historical complex, the historical quarter of Azpeitia and Zestoa and the Sanctuary of Loyola.

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Vicente Davila
Tel: 626 0369 90

ONDAREZ (Juan Bautista Mendizabal)
Tel: 616 924 561

Tel: 613 744 296


Bisita gidatua Intsausti - plana taldean urolaturismoa
Bisita gidatua taldean San Martin Azkoitia - plana taldean urolaturismoa
Bisita gidatua taldean Zestoa - plana taldean urolaturismoa
Bisita gidatua Balda 2 - plana taldean urolaturismoa

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Lili Palace

A unique chance to experience Gipuzkoa from 400 years ago through theatre

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Immerse yourself in the Palaeolithic period and see how people lived 15,000 years ago

informazio gehiago

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